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Swipe Right
Director Writer Producer

A lonely college student struggles on a hopeless quest for companionship only to be catfished by a non-speaking teddy bear.


Look at This: Cheese Beer

This NYC bar is serving the latest craze in beer. Spoiler alert, it's cheese! A Now This parody.


Look at This: This Restaurant

Look at this! See why everybody is flocking to This Restaurant. A Now This parody.

Boiling Point (short) image


A heated late-night exchange between an underachieving son and his alcoholic father reveal how guilt and blame fuel their less than desirable situation.

(Post Production)
Writer, Director, Producer


Superhero Man

Producer, Co-Writer, Actor

This one is pretty old, but I still like it.

spuds still.jpg

Showrunner, Director Ep. 1

A cross between COPS and the Office, this mockumentary follows on-campus student officers on the job. 

This one is pretty old, too. But there's some fun stuff in here.


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