Illgiving (2020)
Director, Cinematographer, Editor

A hypochondriac mother puts the stresses of two pandemics on her son the morning of Thanksgiving 2020.

Official Selection: Manhattan Film Festival

Official Selection: Indie Short Fest January 2021 - Nominated Best Comedy Short

Official Selection Rhino Comedy Short Film Festival

Illgiving Poster


Brian Lloyd and Robert Bowe's submission for DIY Conan. It was featured in the DIY Conan episode that aired on September 21, 2020.

Rob is Conan

Brian is Andy

SW Still.jpg

Swipe Right (2018)
Director Writer Producer

A lonely college student struggles on a hopeless quest for companionship only to be catfished by a non-speaking teddy bear.


Look at This: Cheese Beer

This NYC bar is serving the latest craze in beer. Spoiler alert, it's cheese! A Now This parody.


Look at This: This Restaurant

Look at this! See why everybody is flocking to This Restaurant. A Now This parody.

Boiling Point (short) image


A heated late-night exchange between an underachieving son and his alcoholic father reveal how guilt and blame fuel their less than desirable situation.

(Post Production)
Writer, Director, Producer


Superhero Man

Producer, Co-Writer, Actor

This one is pretty old, but I still like it.

spuds still.jpg

Showrunner, Director Ep. 1

A cross between COPS and the Office, this mockumentary follows on-campus student officers on the job. 

This one is pretty old, too. But there's some fun stuff in here.